Full service for storage and logistics

fulfillment dienstleister warenlager logistik

We are your fulfillment service provider

Fulfillment for companies, start-ups or e-commerce vendors: We store your goods, accept orders, take care of order picking, packaging and dispatch of goods as well as invoicing and returns management.

Fulfillment services have gained momentum, especially in many start-ups and fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have infrastructure and logistics facilities. But even established companies benefit from fulfillment services due to many advantages, such as for example:

Lower shipping costs:

As a fulfillment company, we can offer volume discounts from which you benefit.

Reduce operating costs:

Save costs because you don’t have to rent your own storage space or hire your own personnel. Pay only for what you use.

Expand your reach, open up new markets:

We deliver to every part of the world. We communicate with international customers.

Improve customer service:

Reliable customer service is essential for fulfilling orders. Our customer support is provided by e-mail or telephone and, if desired, in several languages. In addition, you may not be able to perform reverse logistics when customers return and exchange products. These are things we can take over for you and strengthen your reputation with your customers.

Focus on sales:

All the tasks and processes associated with order processing consume valuable time. Use your valuable time and effort to develop, market and sell your products.

All-round service

You decide whether you only want to outsource partial areas or entire business processes. The aim of our fulfillment service is to relieve you and free you from time-consuming tasks. Concentrate on your core business, save costs and increase your profit!

As a fulfillment service provider for small to medium-sized companies, start-ups and online merchants, we think quality over quantity. We offer well-maintained storage space for small to medium-sized stocks. Since we do not operate large warehouses, we can optimally take care of the smooth dispatch of your goods. We are able to handle all processes for you: Storage, stock maintenance, order acceptance and processing, packaging, dispatch, invoicing, returns, dunning, customer service. We offer both B2B and B2C services.